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Benefits of heated pure water window cleaning Neath Swansea Bay Port Talbot

Below is a list of the major benefits that having your windows cleaned with heated pure water provides over traditional methods

  • All frames are included in every clean at no extra cost.

  • Telescopic poles are used instead of ladders so you have more privacy.

  • No chemicals are used so the system is kinder to your upvc and seals.

  • Reduces the risk of damage to property, operators no longer have to walk on roof tiles or rest ladders on gutters or fascia boards.

  • The cleaning results are second to none and are consistent.

  • Windows will stay cleaner in between cleans as no chemical residue is left on the glass.

  • Cleans previously inaccessible windows, for example those above conservatories.

  • Reduces liability, there is less chance of window cleaners or home owners sustaining injury or death

  • The system complies with health and safety legislation.

  • Assurance that you have a professional window cleaning company willing to invest in new technology.

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