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How heated pure water window cleaning works

The concept 2o water purifying system

How Pure Water Window Cleaning Works

The water we have in our taps is filtered to meet the national water quality standards. This water is safe to drink, but still retains a level of mineral content. This mineral content gives water its individual taste and can vary depending where you are in the UK.

When this water is applied to a surface and allowed to dry, it is these minerals that are left behind to cause spotting and watermarks. They are too heavy to be evaporated.

However if we first remove these minerals and then apply pure (demineralised) water to a surface, the pure water will evaporate completely leaving no spotting and no watermarks.

Pure water is rarely found in nature due to its ability to absorb minerals and contaminates from its surrounding environment. When the water is ultra pure, this absorbtion rate is significantly increased, easily removing the dust and dirt commonly found on glazing. The operator will apply this heated pure water, using a soft brush, to your glazing. The pure water then absorbs the dirt and dust contaminates, the surface is rinsed, again using pure water and allowed to dry naturally to a spot free finish.


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